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To help you begin your exploration of Divine Incarnate, here is a list of posts that I suggest. Please click on the title to bring you to the post:


About the Reason for the Blog

Consecrated (my first post)

Talk the Talk – Walk the Walk?  (a follow-up on being consecrated)

Not Fulfilled yet   (a follow-up to the follow-up)

Half-Heartedness Doesn’t Reach into Majesty



May I Call Myself a Cripple?

Glory Days: Valedictory Speech

Making the Sign of the Cross

What Would You Do?  The Prisoner

The Holy Door: A Personal Pilgrimage

“Who Are You?” Mentor and Memoir


On Suffering and Death


When I Die

Air followed by Inspire followed by Expire

Prepared to Die and Preparing to Die in Five Easy Steps

The Cancer Scare:

It Is What It Is… But What Is It? followed by The Unknown followed by Good News


On Faith

Unknowing Worship

Food of Prayer


First Friday and the Revolution (part of my Faith Facilitators series)

A Stranger Appears in the Making of the Bread  (part of a series on Mary)

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