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Blowing and Changing Minds: The Epiphany

In honor of the Feast of the Epiphany, a look back at looking ahead.

Divine. Incarnate.

So, there were these wise guys who had an epiphany.

Epiphany wiseguys

Well, not like those wise guys. (Although who’s to say?)
We traditionally think of them like this:

epiphany Magi

So, anyway, they had all of these charts and books and tools for looking at things and, by using all of them through some system, which was invented through some school of thought, they discovered a small child that would grow up to be the King of the Jews. And these guys were all about kings. They found them, honored them, and some even say that they made them, if kings were in need. But, this time… well, it was different.

Pauper King: It was different enough that this future King of the Jews wasn’t born in the Jewish Palace. That he was, in fact, born in a stable with a feeding trough for his first bed. By the time they found him, this…

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I don't call myself a poet — but the beating of my heart is poetry. I don't call myself a theologian — but the light of my mind seeks the Divine. Who I am is a Child of God, a Divine Creation, a person devoted to being fully human, fully alive.

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