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Quote of Prayer, Faith, Inspiration

I am ever a student. Loving beauty and seeking truth, I learn from the wisdom and experiences of others. That’s why I love reading quotes from inspirational people! And that’s also why I’ve decided to share with you, my readers, blog posts, articles and reflections that have inspired me on the first Monday of each month. First up, some words of wisdom from great people, shared by fellow blogger, Donna Marie at Enjoy!



Christina Chase View All

I don't call myself a poet — but the beating of my heart is poetry. I don't call myself a theologian — but the light of my mind seeks the Divine. Who I am is a Child of God, a Divine Creation, a person devoted to being fully human, fully alive.

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  1. Thank you so much Christina for the reblog and the compliments.
    It’s a great way to start your month what you said about the first Monday of the month good for you and thank you for including my post hope all is well you’re in my prayers in Jesus name amen.


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