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Seeking You

I seek You, Lord, in the wilderness,

in the shadows and the desert of night;
night desertI seek You, Lord, on the mountaintops,

in the meadows and the oceans of light.


For, in You, who are Christ, is Fullness of Life.

The Heart of Reality is Yours.

unpublished work © 2015 Christina Chase

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I don't call myself a poet — but the beating of my heart is poetry. I don't call myself a theologian — but the light of my mind seeks the Divine. Who I am is a Child of God, a Divine Creation, a person devoted to being fully human, fully alive.

4 thoughts on “Seeking You Leave a comment

  1. Hi Christina. This is lovely! Reminds me of the psalm (I think its a psalm), You are near. If I climb to the heavens, or sail beyond the sea, still I’ll find You there. Not sure of wording. Blessings! Pat


    • Thank you, Pat! I’m so glad that it reminded you of that Psalm (139, I had to look it up) because it is my favorite. No doubt, the psalm has deeply influenced me and came through in this poem, though I didn’t directly intend it. God works in mysterious ways!
      With love and prayers for you,


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