When in Doubt

Doubt shouldn’t be feared, because it’s not in  opposition to faith – doubt is actually part of faith.  If we have faith with no moments of confusion or doubt, then we don’t really have faith  – we have concrete certainty or, perhaps better explained, a lump of  concrete.  If God had wanted to, He could have made His teachings blatantly  obvious, could send down unmistakable, in-your-face saviors every  generation, a voice booming over the whole globe, a neon sign in the  heavens – but God wants us to have faith.  God wants us to trust, not  with absolute logical certainty, but with love.  Not just to believe  that God exists, but to believe in God.  There is something  exquisitely beautiful, powerful and vital in a leap of faith – and  doubts give us the chance to take the leap over and over again.

2 thoughts on “When in Doubt

    • Thank you, Limbi. And, like one of my classmates in an online course I’m taking said, we would like to have proof, but if we had proof then we wouldn’t have faith. I wonder if that’s something of what Jesus meant when he spoke of an evil age that looks for signs and proof…? After all, he did say to St. Thomas, “Blessed are those who have not seen and believe.” There must be something about faith that’s beautiful to God…


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